We Inspire Nepal

An unconventional change is the prerequisite of time. Many people had been contributing different kinds of developmental works for making a difference in the country but still, there was a discontent in the hearts of people. This discontent was the reason for the establishment of WE Inspire Nepal. We inspire Nepal established with a vision to do something atypical, something which lasts forever in the mind and heart of people. We inspire Nepal is a Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) founded by an inspiring team of people to inspire and to get inspired by some innovative works. It aims to inspire the heart, educate the mind and to bring out the unique personality in every individual. It works in different regions of the country amongst different people by conducting new and innovative campaigns, skill generating programs, intensive projects, training sessions, workshops and so on.
The organization is invigorated by enthusiastic youths who have immense expertise in behavioral change modalities, speaking and debating, mass motivation, capacity building interventions, research activities, training and human mobilization, through which the organization works in the thematic areas of Education, Health, Environmental Sustainability, Good Governance and Human Rights, Behavioral Change Communication, Youth leadership and Civic Engagement.

Who are the INSPIRERS of NEPAL?

We Inspire Nepal are the inspirers of Nepal.W e are an organization; a Non-governmental organization with an aspiration to bring positive changes in the lives of people.

We are inspirers, motivators, solution seekers, and doers. We seek, research and analyze problems in the lives of people. We don’t try to work for physical problems only but also for emotional, psychological and some neglected issues of individuals and the society. We don’t stop with the problems identification but also discover their solution. We have a highly professional team of mass motivators, trainers, counselors, community mobilizers, social advocates, music genius, sports coach, researchers, event managers etc. This expert team works on different parts of the country by inspiring and helping people to be the best of and to do the best of their abilities.


We Inspire Nepal inspires Nepal with its unconventional and realistic works. We Inspire Nepal work differently. It is atypical in a sense that it figures out the problem in individual and in the society and inspires them to solve their problems themselves by providing them the required knowledge and skills unlike the typical method of only providing solutions. We research about the physical, emotional and psychological problems of the individual and the society and our experts work to eradicate such problems with the realistic and scientific method. Our method of working is scientific and innovative rather than stereotypical and conventional.

We know that for a change in the society, all age groups of people and different fields of the society should proceed simultaneously. We work for children, youths, adults and senior citizens and in the field of education, health, environment, leadership, human rights, governance and so on. We have some recognizable and prestigious agencies, stakeholders and supporters and with their supportive partnership, we design and implement innovative, replicable, realistic and result oriented projects that empower the diverse audiences across the country and engage them in action that uplifts their lives and communities around them.

We Inspire Nepal to assist the students of schools, colleges, and universities to advance their knowledge, skills, behavior, information attitude and abilities in various fields. We advocate for students’ right for qualitative education and health, for other life skills apart from academics, for their empowerment and for their deserved opportunities. Furthermore, we inspire Nepal to work for youths by helping them to get proper leadership skills, communication skills and to get information and knowledge. Inspirers of We Inspire Nepal work for good governance of the country and also work to preserve and promote human rights.

We Inspire Nepal has diverse working areas and some of them can be listed as follows:
  • Leadership training
  • Counseling
  • Advocacy for human rights
  • Work as an activist for good governance
  • Skills generating programs
  • The conductance of informative seminars
  • Mass motivation programs
  • Communication development programs
  • Training to students and teachers about sustainable education
  • Health and hygiene awareness programs
Be in touch with the Inspirers:

You can be one of the inspirers of Nepal or be inspired by our inspirers. We inspire Nepal resides in Ram MandirChowk, Gaushala and can be contacted via email addressinfo@weinspirenepal.org., phone;01- 4485120.

Inspirers hearty welcome your feedback.

Exceptional leadership course

With a motto of “Leadership is exceptionally revolutionary for the Nation ’s prosperity”, we inspire Nepal provides an exceptional leadership course. This course is called exceptional leadership course because it contains some exceptional and innovative leadership sessions. The diverse views, ideas, and capabilities of people need a common leadership for their exposal, expedition, and exploration. The quality of the leader directly impacts the condition of people and the nation. The stereotypical leadership has minimal impact on this dynamic globalization and complicated condition of the country, so there is a call for a change in leadership for the change in the country. And the Exceptional leadership course is the one. It is an extensive course which has positive and pragmatic consequences in the mind and heart of people.

Exceptional leadership course aims to build youth leaders in the country. It focuses more on the youth as it believes youth leadership can only solve the problems of the country like brain drain, unemployment, drugs addiction etc. The most active age group of the country is also the most misunderstood and misused age group. The energies of youth have not been utilized well and there is a very low participation of the youth in country’s leadership. Youth leadership can bring a whiff of change in the country and can provide the country with innovative, creative and time relativistic ideas.

Exceptional leadership course has the vision to bring out the inner, hidden leader in every youth. It aims to spark the fire of leadership in the soul of youth, to provide leadership knowledge and skills to the mind of youth and inspiration and incentives to the heart of youth.

Exceptional Leadership course is positive to develop leaders with these qualities:
  • Selfless leaders who prioritize the country’s and country men’s development.
  • Serene leaders with tranquility and patience to work in adverse and chaotic condition.
  • Creative leaders whose ideas can challenge that of stereotypical leaders.
  • Leaders who justify the views and opinions of all the followers.
  • Leaders who can communicate well and include the views of all kinds of age group.

Exceptional leadership course aims to bring out the exceptional you; the exceptional leader in you. With this course, one can have these positive changes:
  1. It builds up your communication skill in many ways whether it be written or oral form.
  2. It boosts up your confidence and gives you a platform where you can try and excel.
  3. It helps you to recognize the unique talent within you and try to provide you opportunities where you can apply your talents.
  4. It gives you the audience with whom you can interact and exchange views, opinions, and ideas.
  5. It teaches you mindfulness, meditation, and other life skills. Also, it teaches you the art of living.
  6. It teaches you the science of problems generation within you and the art of finding their solution by yourself.