We Inspire Nepal

The clean and green environment inspires man to work harder. There is a direct relation between man and the environment in which it lives. The cleaner the environment, the healthier the man becomes and the more sustainable development in the environment, more are the benefits to the man kind. There should be environmental sustainability in every carried out developmental work in the society. Every kind of work done by the man is done in the environment so there should be given proper attention for sustainability of the environment. Environmental sustainability is achieved when environmental components are maintained well, environmental resources are utilized well and environment is kept in its natural form without degrading.

However, with the rise in unplanned urbanization and industrialization and further worsen is the unscientific and haphazard developmental works, environmental sustainability is hard to maintain. The global statistics shows the harmful effects of environment degradation in the present condition and in the near future. Environmental concern is must and everyone should be sensible for it. The developmental works that are being conducted by government and private sectors should be studied properly. Environmental sustainability should be the major focus before conducting developmental works. Laws and policies should have some strict rules and regulations for protecting environmental sustainability. Sustainable environment is only achieved with the conscience, intelligence and sensitivity of public living in the society and responsible government monitoring and governing the environmental system.

Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDG) is only achieved with healthy environment and a sustainable environment aids to have sustainable developmental goals. Developmental works conducted become sustainable and attain their sustainable developmental goals only if the environment in which the works are being conducted is not violated. The healthy and sustainable environment provides spaces and opportunities for developmental works to attain sustainability. Thus, there is a direct relation between sustainable environment and sustainable developmental goals.

WIN dreams to have a sustainable development. To accomplish this dream, it has done many works solely and in joint collaboration. Some of its remarkable works are:

  • In association with World Wide Fund ( WWF), WIN worked in various programs for tigers conservation. The decrement in number of tigers directly affect the eco system and also to the sustainable environment. It conducted various awareness programs, public participation programs, knowledge providing programs to the public to make them realize the importance of tigers conservation.
  • WIN believes that a good leader can take hundreds of unaware people in the right tract. With this belief, It trained hundreds of conservation leaders to work effectively in environment conservation and to lead others to work for conservation.
  • “Green Nepal, Clean Nepal”, WIN conducted many campaigns under the name of Green Campaigns for promoting green and clean Nepal. It did many plantation in barren areas. The green environment is needed for human beings and animals living in the environment. Environment can only attain sustainability with afforestation. Thus, Green campaign was conducted to get green, clean and sustainable environment