We Inspire Nepal

We inspire Nepal has always been interested in the work of government, rights of people and the relationship between government and public. WIN has always kept an eye on the work of government and has always been doing work for human rights.

Good Governance

Nepal has seen various instability in the government for many years. The works of government have always been a major issue for the public. Good governance is something that all the people need and it is a high time for the crucial need of good governance. WIN understands every matter that general public faces and thus work for good governance. WIN act as a leader to voice the problems and issues of the general public to the government. WIN tries to have public attention for governance of the country as it feels it is an important issue to get the public concern.

The infrastructure developmental works, civilian plans, and policies work, governmental opportunities for the general public and so on are the works where the public need to pay attention. Every governmental work is the public works too. For the functioning of good government, civilian should contribute their time and concern. They should know the impact and effects of such works in the individuals and in the society. The works of development are never completed without the support of the public and there should be public participation for plans and policies making.

WIN is aware of all the governmental activities and also of the method to achieve good governance in the country. It conducts different conferences about the governmental role, public role and other aspects of good governance. It has also conducted many awareness programs for the public to make them aware of their roles, government’s role and the effect and consequences of developmental works. Furthermore, WIN provided some interested professionals with fellowship opportunities to work for good governance. WIN assisted to the general public and to the government by acting as a watchdog for governmental works to maintain good governance across the country.

Human Rights

Nepal is a multilingual, multiethnic and multicultural land for the diverse group of people. In the country, apart from the Nepali citizens, there are different immigrants, different foreigners, tourists, etc. living. It is a matter of responsibility for the government to safeguard the human rights of its citizen and other people living in the country. Human rights are the basic rights that every human being should enjoy and not a single individual should be deprived of them. The step in the moon is supposed to have a giant leap in mankind and humanity but it is a matter of disgrace that the world is still suffering from human rights deprivation to human being and the worse thing is it is prevalent in Nepal. In Nepal, many people are being deprived of human rights but due to lack of public interest, human right activists interest, and government’s interest, such problems are never highlighted amongst people. Human right is the most basic and important right of people and there should be the great concern and attention of everyone towards such issue.

To protect and preserve human rights, there should be the attention of public and government for human rights. Laws and constitution should have strict punishment to the people who violate others human rights and deprive others of their human rights.

WIN is concerned about the human rights of everyone in every region of the country. WIN is aware of all the problems caused by the deprivation of human rights to the public. WIN’s research suggests different causes of human rights violation and also different solutions for them. With the participation of various human rights’ activists, different law professionals, interested individuals, it conducts different seminars related to human rights. The conference generally aims to provide knowledge and information about human right, its responsibilities, and other matter related to it. WIN knows that many people in Nepal are not aware of their human rights and their contributions to human rights for others. WIN conducts special awareness programs for such people. Human rights awareness, preservation, and protection work by WIN got appreciated by various interested professionals and many of them were interested in human rights fellowship programs. Human rights fellowship programs aim to provide the interested professionals with opportunities to work in diverse fields for human rights-related work and for the general public. With these fellowship programs, many professionals got golden opportunities to live their dream and the general public got the knowledge and information they needed.