We Inspire Nepal

The world knows that the youth carries extreme enthusiasm and energy which is utilized for good can bring a bring difference in the world. There is an urgency of leadership quality in every youth to put forward their voice, opinions, and ideas. In another word, youth leadership can be best described as the leading power of the youth to bring forward the issues and ideas. The other term which is generally not mentioned or publicized amongst the public is civic engagement. Civic engagement means the participation of individual or group to work for public welfare for public issues in both political and non-political sector. Association of youth leadership and civic engagement is something unique ever done by any organization and WIN is proud to work effectively in these fields.

The private sector in the country is more developed than the public one as people contribute their time, effort and energy in the private sector. What we often encounter is that the public works are often neglected and there is a difference between public and their developmental works. WIN realized the importance of engagement and leadership of public in such sector and thus WIN tried to make public aware of youth leadership and civic engagement.

Youth leadership has put forward many issues which need attention from concerned authorities. It has raised the issues of youth unemployment, problems of brain drain and so on. On the other hand, civic engagement has made people involved in the social work and they had put forward the minor to major problems that hinder the developmental works. However, youth leadership and civic engagement have sought the solution to these problems. Hence, youth leadership and civic engagement have worked as both problem finder and solution seeker for these problems.

WIN has been always very active in inspiring youth for leadership and civilians for engagement. WIN has done these active works for youth leadership and civic engagement.

  • WIN has done various leadership programs, seminars and workshops for youth to involve them in leadership. WIN has reached over 20,000 youths and trained them with leadership skills.
  • There is about 50 commendable youth engagement program. Different youth from different regions of the country were engaged in various ways like training, counseling, academic etc.
  • WIN has volunteered with its active volunteers and encouraged civilians to engage in public works.

In a social issue of women and mensuration, WIN encouraged general public to engage and voice their opinion in front of society.